HQ Pi Cam Notes

I use a HQ Pi Cam for my Allsky setup. One mod I did was to remove the red filter "infrared". This was a simple to do. Note: this will change the colors of trees to look redish and if you have any infrared camers in view the camrea will pick up the infrared. I had to make a block at the dome as I have 2 camera's in view. After the removal of the filter I can just make out the Milky Way. I am in Bortel 7 skys. Click on the photo's for the full size image.

  • Use these instructions Found Here to remove the filter.
  • My Current settings in Allsky Adjust the Red Balance and Blue balance. Note my settings should get you close. You can get a blue sky.

    With Filter

    With the filter in

    With Filter

    With filter out

    Without Filter

    Daytime with red filter removed

    Without Filter

    Turns out that Lightning has alot of infered so strikes are not going to show up.

    My settings on the WEB site /allsky/virtualsky.json

    "I see that the overlay on your web site is displaying some Messier objects positions. How did you achieve that ?"

    Look in the /allsky/virtualsky/virtualsky.js for a list of options you can change just add them to the /allsky/virtualsky.json file. I also listed the options below.

    BEFORE you make any changes to the virtualsky.json file BACK IT UP.

    My /allsky/virtualsky.json contents
    "width": 900,
    "height": 900,
    "constellations": true,
    "mouse": false,
    "gridlines_eq": true,
    "keyboard": false,
    "showdate": true,
    "showposition": false,
    "showorbits": true,
    "showgalaxy": true,
    "constellationlabels": true,
    "sky_gradient": true,
    "gradient": false,
    "transparent": false,
    "objects": "M42;M45;M31;M51;M81"
    The Default Options
    id ('starmap') - The ID for the HTML element where you want the sky inserted
    projection ('polar') - The projection type as 'polar', 'stereo', 'lambert', 'equirectangular', or 'ortho'
    width (500) - Set the width of the sky unless you've set the width of the element
    Description of Item 4
    height (250) - Set the height of the sky unless you've set the height of the element
    planets - either an object containing an array of planets or a JSON file
    magnitude (5) - the magnitude limit of displayed stars
    longitude (53.0) - the longitude of the observer
    clock (now) - a Javascript Date() object with the starting date/time
    background ('rgba(0,0,0,0)') - the background colour
    transparent (false) - make the sky background transparent
    az (180) - an azimuthal offset with 0 = north and 90 = east color ('rgb(255,255,255)') - the text colour
    dec (-90 < x < 90) - the Declination for the centre of the view in gnomic projection/td>
    negative (false) - invert the default colours i.e. to black on white
    ecliptic (false) - show the Ecliptic line
    meridian (false) - show the Meridian line
    gradient (true) - reduce the brightness of stars near the horizon
    cardinalpoints (true) - show/hide the N/E/S/W labels
    constellations (false) - show/hide the constellation lines
    constellationlabels (false) - show/hide the constellation labels
    constellationboundaries (false) - show/hide the constellation boundaries (IAU)
    showstars (true) - show/hide the stars
    showstarlabels (false) - show/hide the star labels for brightest stars
    showplanets (true) - show/hide the planets
    showplanetlabels (true) - show/hide the planet labels
    showorbits (false) - show/hide the orbits of the planets
    showgalaxy (false) - show/hide an outline of the plane of the Milky Way
    showdate (true) - show/hide the date and time
    showposition (true) - show/hide the latitude/longitude
    ground (false) - show/hide the local ground (for full sky projections
    keyboard (true) - allow keyboard controls
    mouse (true) - allow mouse controls
    gridlines_az (false) - show/hide the azimuth/elevation grid lines
    gridlines_eq (false) - show/hide the RA/Dec grid lines
    gridlines_gal (false) - show/hide the Galactic Coordinate grid lines
    gridstep (30) - the size of the grid step when showing grid lines
    live (false) - update the display in real time
    fontsize - set the font size in pixels if you want to over-ride the auto sizing
    fontfamily - set the font family using a CSS style font-family string otherwise it inherits from the container element
    objects - a semi-colon-separated string of recognized object names to display e.g. "M1;M42;Horsehead Nebula" (requires internet connection)